Voting Service Provider Overview

This Voting Service Provider (VSP) allows you to participate in Decred’s proof-of-stake system without the need to keep a constantly unlocked wallet or worry about unplanned outages resulting in a missed vote.

This VSP is non-custodial. That means your funds remain locked within your wallet while they are staked. VSPs are only used to delegate your voting powers. The VSP can cast a vote on your behalf when a ticket is called to vote, so you don't have to be online. VSPs do not hold, manage, or transfer any of your DCR funds. The VSP cannot steal your funds.

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Tor: Onion Service

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VSP fee: 1%

Proportion: 0.44%

Network: mainnet

Status: Closed

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To encourage decentralization of the network, it is recommended to avoid VSPs that have over 5% of network votes.